Every-Day Wellbeing

An Easy and Tasty Way to Add CBD to Your Home-Made Recipes

Eltivu Immix System 

Home Device for CBD Pods

  • Full Proof Cooking & Baking with CBD

  • Personal care CBD upgrade

  • Wide variety of applications

  • Simple and efficient operation

  • Controlled and monitored solution


Eltivu's Vivu Device accurately doses CBD to single-serve pods, uniquely formulated to fit your recipe for a perfect personalized experience

Our CBD partners

Carefully selected CBD brands, providing the highest quality.

Fully certified, wide range.

Our Pods

Formulated to support a variety of culinary recipes and preparation methods.


Ensure an even CBD spread, balanced tastes and textures.

Our Services

Easy order by the Eltivu app or website.

CBD cooking and baking guide

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