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CBD Trend

CBD is one of the strongest consumer trends in sports today

The Challenge

No single-use solution meets the variety of needs

Our Solution

Self-serve CBD customized for each trainer's at the push of a button

The CBD Trend 

CBD is one of the strongest consumer trends in sports today. It is known to improve focus, relieve pain, speed recovery, lower inflammation and improve performance. All benefits that are of special interest to those seeking an overall better workout.

With a growing variety of products and solutions, as consumers gain experience and confidence, they will drive demand for accessible CBD solutions at their favorite training center. Given this trend, no training business can ignore their customers’ expectations.

So what are they looking for?

Variety and Customization

Other than ensuring relatively higher potency of existing packaged topicals or edibles CBD, consumption at training facilities is about two things: Single-use and Customization.

Trainers currently rely on their own supply, since it effects each person slightly differently, could be used for several purposes, and it is consumed according to specific flavor or application preferences.

Existing CBD shelf products do not fit a single-use that is needed at a training facility, as they are sold in multi-use quantities. Training facilities require a variety of products, which must be carefully managed given their price,  be properly dosed and introduced to the customer by the seller. 

No worries, we got you covered.

Self Service CBD at a Push-of-a-Button

ELTIVU’s device supports a variety of trainers' single-use needs, at the right minimal quantities, allowing customers to independently create their own product on the spot.


At the push of a button the device accurately adds the right CBD extract to a one-time-use pod. It is customized to fit a customer’s preferred application and specific need, whether it is for pain relief or muscle recovery, and whether it is mixed into a protein shake or rubbed on the skin.

Eltivu is the best answer to meeting the growing CBD demand, driving increased profitability with minimal operational and business risk:

  • Affordable and customized for each trainer

  • Unique hassle-free customer experience

  • Monitored operation and sales

  • Secured to prevent fraud

  • Automatic replenishment

  • Minimal maintenance

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