Corona, CBD and the New Normal

The corona pandemic hit the cannabis market during a recovery phase from the two years period of the investment bubble burst. With the crisis hitting every industry, Cannabis market shows great opportunities.

As soon as the Corona Virus reached the Western world, a few American companies attempted a quick profit and claimed the cannabis-based products they launched, could prevent infection and heal Corona virus patients. The reaction was huge. Fear of the unknown, combined with the fact that many cannabis supporters believe the plant has medicinal qualities, brought a quick surge in sales. Soon enough the FDA and the FTS were the ones to cool down the excitement, quickly issuing warning notices due to unsubstantiated claims.

But even if these products did not give a real solution to the virus, is it enough to deny cannabis' healing qualities for treating the virus or its effects? The answer is so far uncertain, but is no doubt worth researching.

The effect of the Corona pandemic on the reality of our lives is occupying the whole world these days. Global economy dark predictions and uncertainty require entrepreneurs to a creative-than-ever thinking, a realistic analysis of the market and consumers, and a review of the opening opportunities in the quickly forming Corona-Tech industry.

For the Cannabis market, only two months ago struggling its way after the investments bubble burst, this current crisis may be a real opportunity.

Cannabis, and specifically CBD – the plant’s non-psychoactive component, is an effective anti-inflammatory substance with qualities that destroy ill cells, including microbial or virally infected cells. Modern science has confirmed its anti-microbial qualities, among other thing, for improving the body’s immune system against viruses and viral infections – bacteria and fungus.

However, since viral treatment in cannabinoid research (cannabis plant components) is still in its early stage, and information regarding the Corona virus itself is still limited, it still can’t be determined cannabis is effective against the Corona virus. It is likely to assume, however, that there is increased research on the subject these days, and that the cannabis market will enjoy extensive growth given its qualities, relevant for these times. First, CBD is a proven solution for stress reduction with a calming and physiologically balancing effect, an accessible solution for the expected increase in population’s stress and anxiety. Additionally, a significant increase in the already present healthy lifestyle trend is expected, with emphasis on natural health solutions. CBD has also been proven to contribute to improved sleep, to reduce pain, and to treat other health symptoms that undermine the quality of life.

Given this, the main profiteers are those who prepare for the day after the Corona. I assume both cannabis research its regulation and its overall legitimacy, will receive a significant push forward, for stress relief applications as well as preventive and treating applications.

The industry that was perceived unstable and was de-legitimized more than once, shows a huge investment potential both in research and in development of home and business consumer solutions.

The market is in its early development stages, still holding numerous gaps between needs and potential solutions, posing promising business opportunities.

As for the Israeli perspective – when it comes to legalization, Israel is – sort to speak – still stuck. November 2019’s bill-offer to exempt CBD from the drug order of Cannabis is currently on hold. This status does not prevent Israel from taking a key role in research and entrepreneurship in the cannabis field. The startup nation will no doubt come through again, in recognizing opportunities and creating solutions even under this reality of crazy uncertainty.