A peek to what COVID-19 means to a coffee shop

No doubt these are challenging times for consumer facing businesses.

Coffee shops, that to begin with are a challenging operation, are facing dramatic

change in the business ground rules. With little certainty as to what the future holds, they are using their ingenuity to push through and adapt. The following video gives a peek to some of their stories in Europe. In summary:

  • Government support plans are crucial for both level of positive thinking and operational survival. High emphasis is put on the ability to maintain the staff, which is a key issue for many.

  • High focus on selling all possible inventory.

  • Operations are reduced to minimum or completely shut closed pending access or feasibility of window sales or home delivery, or alternative revenue such as coffee beans or other home-use products. Loss of coffee cups sales has the most impact on income.

  • Focus on customers base maintenance where network platforms are in place.

  • Owners are using their unusual free time to optimize expenses, plan ahead, revise strategy, review and plan menus and seek for creative responses to the situation.

  • Some indications of cooperation between coffee shop owners.