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Consumers Need Better Solutions

and now you can offer what they need

Make Any Drink a Wellness Drink

Drink Shop


Coffee Shops

Smoothie Shops

Boba Shops

Juice Shops

Tea Rooms


Make more than $1 margin per drink

3 Month Gold Tier Pricing

Smooth Flow to Wellness Treatment

Wellness Treatment

Man Getting a Facial

Wellness center

Herbal shops

Vitamins shops

Natural beauty


Offices that care!

Make extra margin with zero effort

3 Month Gold Tier Pricing

Enhance Wellness offering

Wellness Coach | Trainer | Consultant

Folding Yoga Mat

Yoga teacher

Pilates trainer 


Massage Therapist

Personal trainer


Gain commission on each sale

Get $100 for each Subscription
plus 10% Commission

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Consumers Need Better Solutions

NutraIngredients-usa :

When we asked consumers why a particular format was their favorite we saw a consistent theme of experience.

The four pillars of experience are:

Good taste

Easy to take/use

Easy to swallow


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