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The CBD Trend

CBD is one of the strongest consumer trends in food and beverages today

The Challenge

Operational complexity that limits the ability to mix CBD into every serving

Our Solution

Supports a variety of customers' needs and preferences at the push of a button

The CBD Trend 

No doubt CBD is one of the strongest consumer trends in food and beverage today. As consumers gain experience and confidence, they will drive demand for CBD consumption that will naturally integrate into their daily routines outside of home.


It is only natural they seek these solutions at their favorite coffee-shop, expecting a choice of a high quality, safe and accessible CBD doses that can be mixed into their daily coffee or snack.


But there is a catch. Actually a few.

The Operational Catch

Current CBD solutions for coffee shops range from packaged infused foods and beverages, to added extract drops or powders and infused basic ingredients.


These solutions are operationally highly complex to implement. They require careful inventory and sales monitoring, given high product cost, as well as requiring accurate and controlled dosing. This also limits the full potential of adding CBD across your menu.


No worries, we’ve got you covered.

CBD at a Push-of-a-Button

ELTIVU’s device supports the full potential of CBD in a coffee shop’s menu, without the operational complexity.


At a push of a button, the device accurately adds CBD to single-serve pods, creating a customized product on the spot.


Each pod is formulated specifically for a cup of coffee, a salad, or any other menu item.


Eltivu is the best answer to meeting the growing CBD demand, driving increased profitability with minimal operational and business risk:

  • High Margins

  • Unique and affordable customer experience

  • Simple and monitored operation

  • Secured to prevent fraud

  • Automatic replenishment

  • Customized to every need

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