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Wellness Made Easy

Make Any Drink a Wellness Drin

with a Premium Wellness Booster


Calm | Relax | Balance | Relief

Eltivu's add on contain the Company’s proprietary formula which provides superior benefits

The add on will not alternate original drink taste or flavor

Vaccine Production Line

Using advanced technology to create a formula that improves body absorption

Blends perfectly into any drink, hot or cold. Easy-to-use.

Keep Original Taste 

High Body Absorption

Perfect Solubility


Thousands already discovered

Available in neutral and premium flavors

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Boost anything you drink

Add - Stir - Enjoy

Simply puor Eltivu's add on into morning drink, at lunch or before sleep time

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Now you have 0.4oz of Wellness as an add-on, allowing you to enhance your preferred drink without altering its taste

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Try feature drinks

At the Drink Shop close to you, look for the featured drink or simply ask to boost your drink with Eltivu's add on


Product Information

  • No detectable THC

  • CBD sourced from Colorado State registered, GMP certified facility

  • Tested by approved lab and made in compliance with applicable regulations

Science Lab

Effective in any hot or cold drink: Milk, Water, Fruit Juice, Soda, Coffee, Tea, Boba, Smoothie, and more....


Enhance each day with the power of a fresh, healthy add-on

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