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The CBD Trend

CBD is one of the strongest consumer trends in Beauty treatments today

The Challenge

To efficiently fit a variety of treatments, needs and preferences

Our Solution

Supports a variety of single-use, customized mixes at the push of a button

The CBD Trend

CBD is one of the strongest consumer trends in cosmetic formulations and treatments today.

It is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-pollution, with collagen-promoting properties. It is also an antidote to anxiety and stress. All highly relevant for beauty and wellness.

As consumers gain experience and confidence, they drive demand for accessible CBD solutions to be integrated into their favorite beauty treatments.


But there is a catch. Actually a few.

The Operational Catch

Current CBD solutions for Beauty businesses are packaged topicals, extracts or powders, added to existing cosmetics or oils.

Since CBD effects each person slightly differently and is used for different needs, customers now expect CBD products to match their specific treatment profile. 

This calls for a growing variety of costly products to be managed, properly dosed and mixed, and introduced to customers. The whole operation is just too complex.

No worries, we got you covered.

CBD at a Push-of-a-Button

ELTIVU’s device supports the full potential of CBD across a range of beauty treatments, while solving the operational complexity.

At a push of a button, our device accurately adds CBD to single-use pods, customized on the spot for each use.

Each pod is formulated for a specific need and treatment, whether it’s a deep tissue massage, a facial, or any other health treatment.

Eltivu is the best answer to meeting the growing CBD demand, driving increased profitability with minimal operational and business risk:

  • Affordable and customized

  • Unique customer experience

  • Simple hassle-free operation

  • Monitored inventory

  • Secured to prevent frauds

  • Automatic replenishment

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