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Making healthy ingredients accessible
Helping Hands

Eltivu’s mission is to make healthy ingredients accessible to people's everyday lives. 


Since 2018, Eltivu has been working to support this vision by developing an innovative business model, next to technology and science development that enables better, healthier living. 


These efforts led to Eltivu’s proprietary eBiov™ - Platform Emulsifier for Functional Ingredients and the launch of its initial functional ingredient product, which enables drink shops to bring the health and wellness benefits of CBD to their customers.


Our Story

Following a very personal wish to ease a loved one's painful fight with cancer, Eltivu turned a product design into a platform - creating a new and meaningful way to bring healthy ingredients to people's everyday lives.


Tel-Aviv based founders Ido and Alon harnessed their designs and business skills to do good. They assembled an experienced team of professionals in Israel and the United States who share their vision. 


After 4 years of R&D and developing an extensive understanding of the evolving functional ingredient market, Eltivu has launched its initial CPG product based on Eltivu’s proprietary emulation eBiov™ --bringing functional ingredients to people's everyday lives.

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